Holy Cross Health

Welcome to the Holy Cross Health Brand Store.  

The Holy Cross Health brand store is your one-stop shop for promotional giveaways and logo wear. Here you'll find the latest drinkware, apparel and health items available to colleagues. They're ideal for special events, colleague appreciation and incentives of all kinds. Please note: Among the numerous product offerings, apparel can be purchased at a minimum of one and sent to you within 7 - 10 business days of your order. For all other items, there is a minimum quantity required for purchase. All items can be ordered using a purchase order number or personal credit card. Please note that any corporate purchase requires a PO, and cannot be charged to a P-card. Any apparel purchased through eLead Resources may be worn on your personal time. While at work, you must comply with Holy Cross Health's Attire and Appearance policy and should check with your director about what apparel is allowed to be worn with your uniform. For additional information, please visit About the Store or the Brand Identity page under the Resources tab on HCnet.   

If you have questions related to the purchasing or payment process, please contact Barbara Puckett in Supply Chain Management at 2-7081 or puckeb@holycrosshealth.org.  

If you are purchasing items for an internal audience (e.g., colleagues, physicians or volunteers) and have questions about proper logo use and/or custom items, please contact Linda Lande in Internal Communications at 2-7735 or Linda.Lande@holycrosshealth.org.  

If you are purchasing items for an external audience (e.g., community members, patients) and have questions about logo use or custom items, please contact Allison Gebhardt in Marketing at 2-7186 or Allison.Gebhardt@holycrosshealth.org.  

IMPORTANT: Any order that involves an item not found in the online brand store, further customization, or an approved logo other than Holy Cross Health, Holy Cross Hospital or Holy Cross Germantown Hospital will need to go through an approval process with Internal Communications and/or Marketing. This process of ordering and receiving a custom order could take several weeks, so you will need to plan ahead if you have a deadline or event.  

We invite you to explore!